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Watermelon Salad

I’ve been making this salad for years and really can’t get enough of it during the summer!  I think I found it in a Coastal Living magazine, but now you see versions of this everywhere.  This one really is the best though – the watermelon is so refreshing and the light lemon vinaigrette is the perfect pairing.  All you need is a nice glass of white wine and you can make this a meal! 


Chopped Watermelon

1 bunch parsley roughly chopped – about 2 to 3 Tbs.

1 Tbs mint, chopped – (optional, I usually hold on the mint, but some people love it)

2-3 cups arugula or mixed green lettuce

1 handful walnuts or pine nuts toasted

1 red onion sliced in half moons

Feta cheese

2 Tbs extra virgin olive oil

Lemon Juice

Salt to taste


1)  To make vinaigrette, whisk lemon juice, olive oil, and salt until emulsified. 

2)  Layer the remaining ingredients in a large salad bowl and drizzle the dressing on top.

Serve and Enjoy!


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