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Gourmet Lunchbox

So, this week I did a great job of “thinking ahead!”  When I boilded and shredded my chicken for the chicken pot pie, I made extra so I could have chicken salad for lunch.  It’s so much better tasting than processed sandwich meat – and it’s better for you too!  My recipie changes from week to week – it all depends what I have in my pantry…but that’s what’s great about it.   This week I ran out of walnuts, but those add a nice crunch and have the infamous “good fat!”


Shredded chicken – 3 chicken breasts make about 6-7 sandwhiches for me

Leeks – thinly diced in half in rounds

dried cranberries – as many as you’d like

golden raisins

1/2 red onion diced

1-2 Tbs. of mayo – it helps bind everything

3-4 Tbs of dijon mustard

red wine vinegar – to taste

lemon juice – to taste

Salt and Pepper


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