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Chic Aprons

I have to admit, I don’t actually own an apron – even though my website implies I do.  In a lot of ways it seems a little old-fashioned and very 1950’s, but from a practical viewpoint I really need one.  When I cook I have this bad habit of testing things when they’re too hot and hence spilling any and everything on my clothes.  You would think I would learn, but sometimes the food looks so good I can’t wait!  Recently I’ve been picking up pans and cookie sheets that have been in the oven – not good – and food ends up on me and the floor.  Needless to say, I’ve been on the lookout for some “chic aprons” and I think it’s been a success.  Do you have a favorite??

Etsy: $33.00

Etsy: $31.00

Anthropologie: $28.00

Anthropologie: $32.00

Love the slight ruffle!


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